Menopausal Sweating

Control menopausal sweating.

Hot flashes can be extremely tough. Let’s face it, when they come on, they come full force. Monray Antiperspirant will not stop hot flashes, but it will put you back in control of your life; when it comes to sweating from hot flashes.

You are not alone, millions have had to endure this and women are confronted with menopausal sweating every year. What you need to know is Monray Antiperspirant has help many women tackle their underarm or hand sweating issues. You are able to conquer this using our unique formula and application method.


The Advantages of Monray for Menopausal Sweating

  • Easy to use roll-on application for underarm use and spray formulation for hand use
  • Up to 8-days of sweat relief1
  • Stop the embarassment: regain your confidence
  • Safe and soothing – protects against irritation
  • Take back your confidence when you need it most

So Uniquely Effective, It’s Guaranteed!

Monray Antiperspirant has a great success rate and works for most. Monray Antiperspirant Is not the perfect “silver bullet”. Due to varying body chemistry, a very small minority may not experience desired results. That’s why we have a risk-free, 30-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you are not happy – send it back. No questions asked!

Monray Antiperspirant: Unique Application and Secret Formula

The research behind Monray Antiperspirant is the secret formula that combines the right ingredients to provide a synergy that not keeps you dry for up to 8 days1, but does it with a very low incidence of skin irritation. Monray Antiperspirant is to be applied before you go to bed. This when the body is at rest and allows the antiperspirant to do it’s thing.

During your sleep, your sweat glands are less active. Monray Antiperspirant will form a block in your sweat gland that will last up to 8 days1. It will not wash off, it does not leave a film, and you won’t even know it’s there. In the morning you can shave, shower, and put on your favorite deodorant and get on with you great day…..and you will do it SWEAT FREE.

Get Your Confidence Back

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1. Taylor M. et al. One year efficacy and tolerability of Monray Antiperspirant double blind, placebo controlled study. n-=100. 2001