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What a great product. I have been using Monray for two years and it never fails.

Satisfied Monray Customer

Fort Worth, Texas



Confident Throughout the Day!

Excessive sweating is aggravating and embarrassing. It can lead to discomfort, odor, wet clothes and staining of clothes. Monray is recommended by physicians and dermatologist because they know how it works.

Monray Antiperspirant is consistently effective. The Monray Underarm Treatment uses a roll-on application, and offers 24 hour protection. It’s precise application provides constant coverage. No matter what the temperature is, you can be confident that Monray Antiperspirant will eliminate your excessive underarm sweating!


Trusted by generations!

Monray Antiperspirant has long been recognized and used by generations worldwide. This product is fragrance free, keeping your antiperspirant from competing with your favorite perfume or cologne.


Tried and True!

Monray Antiperspirant contains a proven formulation of 17.1% aluminum chloride in a glycerin and alcohol-free base. This product is subject to stringent quality and production controls that guarantee satisfaction. Monray Antiperspirant is not made by third party production companies. Monray Antiperspirant is made in-house and in the United States. Monray Antiperspirant is never tested on ANY type animal. It’s unique and effective formulation is suitable for all skin types. All Monray products are delivered in a discrete package, honoring your privacy.


Applying Monray Antiperspirant

Monray Antiperspirant is easy to use. The product is to be applied at bedtime. It is very important that the skin is perfectly dry before application, because the active ingredient in Monray Antiperspirant will react with wet skin.

Use your roll-on product bottle to apply a consistent coat to the skin. Do not over apply. Apply to the center area of the underarm. Allow 48 hours before applying Monray to newly shaven underarms.

Most Monray Antiperspirant users will find they achieve the protection needed within a few applications, however, it may be necessary to continue with nightly applications until the sweating stops. It is important to apply Monray Antiperspirant only to areas of excessive sweating, do not apply to large areas and especially do not apply to mucous membranes or broken skin.

How long does Monray Antiperspirant last?

Monray is designed for long-lasting protection against excessive perspiration. Monray Antiperspirant effectiveness may vary based on individual body-chemistry, but the average effectiveness is 7.9 days of dry per usage.1

Check out how long Monray lasted for a few patients in the study…


1(Taylor M. et al 45 day efficacy and tolerability study of Monray Antiperspirant double blind, placebo controlled study.)


One simple reason…it’s the strongest antiperspirant available with the highest level of active ingredient.

  • No Alcohol – less irritation to your skin
  • Odorless – will not compete with your perfume or cologne
  • No Parabens – no harmful chemicals
  • Economical – affordable for any budget
  • Skin Moisturizing Ingredient – adds moisture to your skin
  • Money Back Guarantee – no out of pocket risk


I have tried several different products for my teenage daughter and nothing has worked. Monray has made all the difference to my daughter’s confidence. This is an excellent product. Theresa

Miami, FL

  I have been using Monray Antiperspirant for over 20 years, and it never disappoints!   Becky

Franklin, NC

What a great product. Finally, something that works according to its claim. I will tell everyone about this product.   Michelle

Richmond, VA