Stop Teen Sweating

Grow Up Without the Embarassment

Teenage Sweating STOPS with Monray Antiperspirant

Ok, now you have tried everything know to man. Even those “home grown remedies”. You have gone to the doctor, you’ve tried every “clinical strength” antiperspirant, you’ve eliminated tight clothing, gone to all black and you’ve reached the end of the internet searching for answers. Well, before you go the extreme and have surgery or the painful needle route, give Monray Antiperspirant a try.

Monray Antiperspirant has stopped the embarrassment and given confidence back to teens all over the country. Teens will give anything to stop excessive sweating and parents will do anything to see their child have a normal “teen” experience. Monray Antiperspirant is clinically formulated to give teens back their confidence and start putting those “groovy” clothes back on.


The Advantages of Monray for Teen Sweating

  • Easy to apply with no mess
  • No more sweat stains
  • Safe and soothing protects against irritating skin
  • Last up to 8 days of relief with one application
  • Stay dry when it matters the most
  • Get back your confidence and smile

Monray Antiperspirant Stops Teen Perspiration!

Monray Antiperspirant works when applied at bedtime. Results start when you wake up and ready to tackle the new day. You don’t have to see doctors, follow some sketchy “all natural” 14 day program, or change your diet.

Monray Antiperspirant is a liquid formula that comes with a very convenient roll-on application for underarm use and a spray formulation for your hands and feet. Apply Monray Antiperspirant at bedtime to dry skin. During the night when the sweat glands are less active, Monray will form a block in the sweat gland that will last up to 8 days1. It will not wash off, it does not leave a film and you won’t even know it is there. So when you wake up and ready to tackle a full day of school, you can be assured you will be dry all day long. Now….doesn’t that sound cool?

Get Your Confidence Back


1. Taylor M. et al. One year efficacy and tolerability of Monray Antiperspirant double blind, placebo controlled study. n-=100. 2001