Hand Antiperspirant. The New Wave?

Why in the 21st century are we hearing more about hand sweat? Could it be that it affects all walks of life – whether you are the Wall Street Broker – heading up stressful meetings with clients, other brokers, bosses, and corporations. Maybe, you are a professional athlete that uses your hands to catapult to a whole new level of success. Then, there are thousands of jobs that require the use of our hands: plumbers, auto-mechanics, electricians, welders, surgeons, nurses, teachers, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention the arts: music performers, artist, sculptors and much more. Whatever your occupation or circumstances that require you to be calm, cool, and collected; hand- sweating is a major detriment!

Let us look at some of the heavy causes of hand sweat that are not caused by disease. “Examples include warm temperatures, exercise, stress, or spicey foods”1.

“The hottest states in the U.S. are Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Hawaii. However, in the summer months many states average between 75 – 98 degrees except for the further most states NW states like Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho; however, the high temperatures from June – September are found not only in the most southern states, but also in the western states, southeast states, and northeastern states. So, about three – fourths of the country experience some significant heat. This is one cause of hand sweat that is being seen throughout the U.S.A.”2 Sales of hand antiperspirants spike in the summer months.

“It is noted that in 2018 about 19.1 percent of the U.S. population exercises. This would be a little less than one – fifth of the population. Exercise whether it is associated with work or physical exercise can cause hand sweating”.3.

Stress whether due to social anxiety, timelines needing to be met, personal issues that need to be resolved, pressure at the workplace or at home. “About 30 percent of people throughout the U.S. report feeling extreme stress. This stress manifest itself at times with heavy sweating of the hands, feet, or underarms”.4 So, as you can see, there are many factors associated with hand – sweating.

“One other factor involved in heavy sweating of the hands is consuming spicy foods. Some people breakout in a visible sweat or their hands begin sweating after indulging in these spices. Spices to avoid curry, chili con carne, hot sauce, tabasco sauce, salsa, jalapenos and more”.4

The different types of job requirements have sky-rocketed over the past 50 years. “the biggest industries are: Public Schools, Hospitals, Fast Food Restaurants, Office Staffing/Temp Agencies, College/Universities, Full-Service Restaurants, Professional Organizations, Supermarkets, Shoe Industry, and IT Consulting”.5

“Our country produces 37 percent of the petroleum used in the U.S.A. Along with a large livestock industry and agriculture industry”.5.

Whether it is the public school system/college/universities – the educational system has had to become tech savvy for students to be able to meet the educational requirements of the 21st century and jobs they will be doing in the future. How does this apply to hand sweating? With the use of computers, iPads, iPods, xeroxing, faxing, texting, and much more – people with hyperhidrosis associated with the hands need to be sweat free at the workplace. While many people never encounter this problem; there is “according to AHN and his collaborators in the UCLA Department of Human Genetics, the study indicates that as many as five percent of the population may be at risk for some form of hyperhidrosis, commonly known as sweaty hand syndrome which causes heavy sweating most often in the hands or feet”.6.

What about our professional sports athletes or athletes in general: golfers, tennis players, baseball/football players, equestrian sports: jockeys, hunter/jumpers, cow rangers, barrel racers, rodeo competitors, and many more. Sweaty hands could be the difference between winning or losing.

Another huge industry affected by sweaty hands is the medical industry. Some employees have reported the difficulty in implementing certain procedures with sweaty palms. Also, the use of lead aprons during radiological procedures is mandatory protecting either the patient or the radiology technician. Sometimes, these lead aprons must be worn most of the day by the employees this heavy gear can result in heavy sweating.

The food industry is a major concern with sweaty hands. Gloves are worn in food preparation, cleanup, and delivery to ensure protection to customers and food providers. Once again sweaty hands can go right along with the wearing of gloves. Not only can it be extremely uncomfortable but also unsanitary.

“Agriculture, food, and related industries contributed $1,109 trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2019. The output of America’s farms contributed $136.1 billion of the sum. Farming equipment is therefore paramount in the 21st century. Tractors – compact utility tractor, lawn tractors, shovels, hoes, tillers, and much more are all utilized when farming. Machinery makes possible the sewing, harvesting, and transport of produce. Tractors perform other duties as well like spraying and weeding. Backhoes are used for planting, etc.”7.

Tractors, hoes, backhoes, tillers, and more are used by small, independent farmers who do the same work only on a smaller scale. Farmers may work in the extreme heat or cold either way this can produce sweaty hands. In Florida, orange pickers labor tirelessly to get the oranges picked and transported on a tight schedule. They are dealing with either extreme heat or damp cold. They must use their hands to get this accomplished. So, sweaty hands are not a good thing in the farming industry.

“Another major industry in the U.S. is the petroleum industry. One of the main states drilling for oil is in Texas, as well as the offshore drilling in Louisiana. Texas can literally be the hot spot to work. Whether working on a drill crew, a geologist testing the soil, or engineers making sure guidelines are being followed – the petroleum industry requires much use of drilling equipment, fracking equipment, soil testing and use of heavy equipment. Once again the use of “hands” to stabilize and run equipment is essential”.8 Sweaty hands/palms cannot be tolerated when working with heavy equipment or minimal light weight as well. This could cause accidents that could be detrimental to a company and its employees”.8.

A huge industry in the U.S. that supplies many jobs is the livestock industry. Raising livestock and preparing them to market is a huge responsibility. It can be riddled with many underlying costs. One such expense is “vaccinating cattle to protect against illnesses is important. Overall, almost 7 of 10 operations or 68.9 percent vaccinated beef cattle or calves in 2007. Operations with 50 or more beef cows are most likely to vaccinate”.9.

Another crucial procedure in raising cows is palpation. It is the cheapest and most convenient method of pregnancy testing in a beef cow. “Palpation on most ranches is done usually twice a year”.9 Most ranch hands can perform this duty and sometimes veterinarians are brought in as well. Ranchers perform many duties along with checking on the livestock they are involved in fixing broken fence and securing barb wire. The livestock industry is a “hands on” kind of job. The use of your “hands” to perform duties from palpation to fixing fences/gates is imperative. Ranch hands need to be as sweat free as possible to avoid hands slippage and possible accidents or injury.

As you can see, hand sweating affects all walks of life – from the nervous student trying to present a report – to the stockbroker talking to a client – or even in a social function – such as a dance or being with a group of your peers – hand sweating can cause embarrassment and anxiety. Then not to mention, the many industries where the use of hands is necessary to perform duties – from the teacher using technology to teach – to the rancher working with livestock on a ranch – as well as the farmer and restaurant worker. Hand Sweating can impede their performance.

So, people wonder what is a great product on the market that can stop heavy, hand sweating? Experience has shown that Monray’s Hand Treatment has successfully been shown to stop hand sweating and all types of jobs.

Why is Monray’s Hand Treatment the best on the market? Its active ingredient has shown to have a success rate of 75 percent. It also uses glycerin instead of an alcohol base which is soothing to the skin, so there is no irritation to the hands. Its directions for use are simple. It comes in a spray bottle and is always to be applied while a person is at rest. So, if you sleep at night, then apply right before bedtime making sure your hands are dry. If you work shift work and sleep during the day, then apply on dry hands before you go to sleep during the day.

Remember, so many jobs require use of our hands – Do not be embarrassed or compromised by sweaty hands. Check out Monray’s Hand Treatment.

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