What’s Sweat Got to Do with It???????

 “New research shows that nearly 5% of the world’s population suffers from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis.  According to the International hyperhidrosis society (https://www.sweathelp.org), 365 million people are struggling with extreme sweating”1.

     Whether it is a friendship or friendships which have you entertaining, or just hanging out with friends – Excessive sweating at best can be just annoying or at worst down – right embarrassing.  So, what’s sweat got to do with it?  This could make or break a friendship, not because a true friend would exclude you because of profuse sweating problems, but more likely it would embarrass a person to the point of excluding themselves from activities they’d like to do with friends – whether it is hiking the Appalachian Trail, barbequing in the backyard, playing volleyball, tennis, or golf – going to exercise class or just having a picnic – sweating could be a real detriment!  Especially in the summer months when many of us vacation and are more prone to visit family members and friends in different regions of the country.

     Uncontrollable sweating or the clinical term hyperhidrosis can be a nuisance – in that a person is having to change clothing several times a day or shower several times a day.  This can interfere with spending valuable time with friends and family.

     Now, another issue that affects us when dealing with heavy sweating is how it can negatively affect our daily life from clothing choices, material, color and design of clothes, etc.  For example, many heavy sweaters avoid wearing bright colors such as blue or red, in favor of black and white.  People with plantar hyperhidrosis or (foot-sweating) avoid wearing certain footwear such as sandals or flip-flops.  Also, certain materials like polyester may be avoided in favor of cotton.  Also, certain foods may be avoided that are associated with heavy sweating such as drinks containing alcohol, or caffeine, while others could no longer enjoy spicy foods or hot foods.  Some could no longer enjoy holiday destinations because they were too warm.

     Certain hobbies were affected due to extreme sweating of hands, feet, and/or underarms.  For example, some physical and some non-physical such as exercising, bike riding, walking, and playing musical instruments.  One person said, “I don’t like going for walks, [—] people tend to look at me as if I am really sweaty and that makes me really nervous”1.  Also, something as simple as reading a book or newspapers has become difficult for people suffering from palmar hyperhidrosis or (hand-sweating).

     Other areas of concern for sufferers of excessive sweating were just performing household chores such as turning door handles, driving, working with tools, difficulties holding objects and more.  Even collecting change or coins was difficult due to sweaty hands.  Things that most of us would not even think about!!  Other household chores that could become dubious were cleaning, ironing, mopping, vacuuming and cooking.  Many of these activities lead to such profuse sweating of hands, feet, and underarms or more that these normal activities become almost unbearable.

     Many excessive sweating sufferers feel that they have restrictions on their life due to their problem.  They are unable to participate in “normal everyday events” that their cohorts can!!  Among these would be going on a date, a job interview or just shaking hands.  Social situations such as going out to a party, sharing an office, or just going to the movies are challenging.  Even travelling to and from work posed issues.  Also, physical contact can pose problems.  Many suffering from some form of hyperhidrosis avoid touching, holding, sitting next to others, dancing, and shaking hands.  Even cuddling or hugging can be unpleasant.

     How does excessive sweating affect socializing or one’s social life?  Here are some of the statistics reported in the medical literature related to the social and emotional impacts of Hyperhidrosis. 

     *Five percent of Hh sufferers indicate they take antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication due to their sweating

      *Decreased confidence

      *Low self-esteem

      *Being uncomfortable when physically close to others because they are afraid of people’s reactions to their sweating.  As a result, they avoid touching, holding hands, sitting next to others, physical affection, even standing in line.

     Why does profuse sweating in the workplace cause a serious problem?  Hyperhidrosis can be devastating in work environments for many reasons especially “when image is everything”.  Men and women involved in the entertainment industry whether it be modeling, film, musicals, etc. deal with the bright lighting.  People who suffer from hyperhidrosis it is exponentially worse.  “Dramatic sweating in the presence of peers at work, or environments like team dinners, expos, conferences, customer meetings, happy hours, and other events can cause severe embarrassment, stress anxiety, and other emotional issues”1.

     Here are a list of true facts concerning hyperhidrosis from the experts at the Hyperhidrosis Society:

     *In a 2017 study, 63 percent of these with Hh reported interference in the performance tasks at work or school due to their condition.

     *Stains on clothing is antiperspirant combined with your sweat that causes staining. Apply your antiperspirant at night to avoid this

     *People with Hh(hyperhidrosis) which causes (overactive sweat glands) sweat excessively regardless of mood, weather, or activity level – often producing 4 or 5 times more sweat than is considered normal

     *Want to help your body get rid of bad stuff?  Sweating does not actually rid your body of “toxins” – your kidneys, liver, lungs, and digestive system for that. The best way to detox is staying hydrated, exercising, and eating the right things.

     *Men sweat more than women.  Scientists point to testosterone, which enhances a men’s sweat response.  Basically, women need to get hotter before they start to sweat.  Another reason why men sweat more is because they are often bigger; the bigger the body the more heat it generates, the more it needs to cool down.

     *There are two types of sweat glands that each produce their own type of sweat eccrine and apocrine sweat.  Eccrine sweat is odorless clear fluid that helps the body to control its temperature by promoting heat loss through evaporation.  Apocrine sweat, on the other hand, is “stress” sweat and apocrine glands are found mostly in the armpits and genital region. The odor produced is that characteristic potent smell we call “body odor”.

     *Be sure to use your antiperspirant in the evenings, as well as in the morning.  Sweat production is at its lowest at night, giving the active ingredients in antiperspirants time overnight to get into your pores and block perspiration by the time the sun comes up and you get moving.

     *According to Dr. Pariser, Hh(hyperhidrosis) has the greatest impact of any dermatological disease.  In fact, various investigations show the impact of hyperhidrosis on quality-of-life is equal or greater than that of inpatient psoriasis, severe acne, Darier disease, Hailey-Hailey disease, vitiligo, and chronic pruritus.

     So, the question is:  What’s Monray Antiperspirant Got to Do with It?  Monray Antiperspirant contains the strongest/or most powerful clinical strength ingredients to fight excessive sweating.  So, if you are suffering from sweaty underarms, sweaty hands, or sweaty feet – Monray Antiperspirant or https://www.monrayantiperspirant.com  Monray offers an underarm roll-on antiperspirant, a hand spray, and a foot spray to combat hyperhidrosis.

     Consider that many of the products purchased contain a crucial ingredient called aluminum chloride.  Aluminum chloride is a chemical compound used in many antiperspirant products. “Aluminum chloride topical is an over-the-counter ingredient used to treat severe, recalcitrant excessive sweating.  Aluminum chloride has a very high efficacy rating”1.

     Monray Antiperspirant has a much higher efficacy rating than many of its competitors.  This is due to it having a higher concentration of aluminum chloride.  Aluminum chloride is found in most antiperspirants, but its content levels differ.  The other ingredient used in some antiperspirants is sesquichlorohydrate; it is an aluminum salt with a low efficacy rating.  It is not as strong as the aluminum chloride used in Monray Antiperspirant.

     Monray Antiperspirant contains no alcohol; therefore, it does not have as much of a chance of irritating the skin.  It contains glycerin which is soothing to the skin.  “Glycerol is a simple polyol compound.  It is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic.  The glycerol background is found in those lipids known as glycerides.  Due to having antimicrobial and antiviral properties – glycerin – is widely FDA approved for wound/burn treatments, as well as cosmetics and antiperspirants”1. 

     The application process of Monray Antiperspirant is quite simple.  The underarm product is applied before bedtime.  So, if a person takes their shower in the morning or at night, the product still needs to be applied before going to sleep.  This is due to less sweating persisting during sleeping hours allowing Monray Antiperspirant to adhere to the sweat duct – while the person is at rest.  Then, the client can take a morning shower knowing that the product has been hard at work at night or during sleeping hours if that occurs during the day.  The Monray Antiperspirant Hand/Foot product needs to be applied the same way during sleeping times.

     A positive consideration when purchasing Monray Antiperspirant is that it can be applied every other day.  This is not only more convenient, but it is also more cost effective.

     So, what’s sweat got to do with it??  Nothing!!!  When you use Monray Antiperspirant, it will solve your excessive sweating problem whether it is your underarms, hands or feet!!  Buy Monray Antiperspirant and stop sweating!! 


1 International Hyperhidrosis Society (https://www.sweathelp.org)

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