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Monray Antiperspirant is celebrating our 75th Anniversary this year. Monray began after two cousins working in their chemistry lab and decided to create a compound to stop excessive sweating that would work and be affordable to all who are in need of such a product.

Since that time, thousands of men, women, and teenagers all over the world have found Monray Antiperspirant to be reliable, safe and a extremely discreet product that consistently provides wetness protection.

Monray Antiperspirant continues to set the benchmark for reliability, comfort and customer satisfaction. We are confident in its reliability; so we offer a no-question money back guarantee. Try it today and discover that you do not have to live with excessive sweating.

Customers need to know how the products they choose are tested for safety and effectiveness. Many products are tested on animals and determine outcomes based on the results of animal testing.

All products of Mon Ray Antiperspirant are NOT tested on animals. They are tested on humans and all outcomes are due to results given by the participants of studies as they are conducted.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So Uniquely Effective, It’s Guaranteed!

Monray Antiperspirant has a great success rate and works for most. Monray Antiperspirant Is not the perfect “silver bullet”. Due to varying body chemistry, a very small minority may not experience desired results. That’s why we have a risk-free, 30-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you are not happy – send it back. No questions asked!


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