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It is understandable to be skeptical of “claims” made on the internet that claim to solve a problem you have been dealing with for years: like excessive sweating.

We understand your skepticism, so the makers of Monray Antiperspirant conducted a study in 2001. We took 50 men and did a controlled, placebo study (that means, no active ingredient in the bottle) during the summer in Florida and asked them to use Monray for 45 days and tell us what they thought.

Monray Antiperspirant is designed for long-lasting protection against excessive perspiration. Monray Antiperspirant effectiveness may vary based on individual body chemistry, but the average effectiveness is 7.9 days of dry per usage1.


Five Star Ratings on Amazon.com

Monray Antiperspirant keeps receiving 5 star ratings on the largest online marketplace in the world – Amazon.com. To receive these 5 star honors, you have to be exceptional. We are honored that our customers have taken the time to provide positive reviews on Amazon.com. If you are looking for some reassurance, let this be the proof you‘ve been looking for.

Mon Ray Antiperspirant is classified by pharmacists and dermatologists to be the strongest antiperspirant without a prescription.

But…don’t take our word for it, compare the labels for yourself.

You will see no one can make the claim they are the “strongest” or “Advanced Clinical Strength” than Monray Antiperspirant.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If a 100 patient study comparing the effectiveness Monray Antiperspirant and our glowing reviews on Amazon.com aren’t enough to convince you to give Monray Antiperspirant a try, let us take all the risk out of your decision for you. We offer a no question 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like our product, simply send the product back within the 30 day period and we will send you your money back. No questions asked!

Stop Excessive Sweating


1. Taylor M. et al. One year efficacy and tolerability of Monray Antiperspirant double blind, placebo controlled study. n-=100. 2001

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