Two words: Game. Changer. I used your product for the first time a couple of days ago and am pretty sure I just applied some dark magic concocted by Severus Snape to my armpits. I am obsessed with your product and feel like I really put it to the test yesterday in particular. Buckle up, you’re going to hear all about it.First, I had a huge cup of coffee in the morning, which, for whatever reason, always makes me sweat. But when faced with no caffeine or sweating, I think we all know what any sane person would choose.Lastly, I had an interview for a new job. Obviously EVERYONE gets nervous and sweats in those.After all three of those factors are considered, I probably would have soaked through my top and blazer roughly 9x over, right? NOPE! I was cool as a cucumber and had zero sweat stains.I can’t tell you the amount of added confidence and joy your wipes have brought me in 48 hours. I’m amazed, I’m thrilled, and I can’t stop telling other secretively sweaty friends of mine all about you guys. Certain Dri? Lol, okay- this isn’t my first perspiration rodeo, leave that to the minor leagues.

★★★★★ Brenda Waters