Frequently Asked Questions


When are orders shipped?

Orders are shipped weekdays at 1:00P.M. EST. and 10:00A.M. on Saturdays. We do not ship on Sunday and most U.S. Holidays.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We tell our customers to plan on 3 – 5 business days for domestic.. We ship via USPS. International orders take longer and depend on each country.

Is my order tracked?

Yes. All orders go out USPS. International orders do receive tracking up to their U.S. departure city.

Will my shipment be discreet?

Yes, all packaging comes in a white unmarked bag. There will be nothing on the bag to state it is an antiperspirant.

How much is shipping?

Domestic Shipments = 4.75 USD
International Shipments are different for each country.

Do you deliver to APO/AE addresses?



Do you offer any discount codes?

Yes, at times we do offer specials where discount codes will be issued. We issue them all thru Facebook. So make sure you are a friend with Monray Antiperspirant.

Can I place an order by phone?

We are not set up to take phone orders at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause our customers. Monray Antiperspirant can be purchased here at monrayantiperspirant.com, amazon.com or you can send an order in by mail.

Can I send an order by mail?

Yes, click this button and you will be forwarded to our order page for you to print and send in.

What is your return/refund policy?

If a customer is returning an order, other than an error on our part, the customer will be refunded the original purchase price minus the shipping charge. Refunds will in the form of a check by our parent company: KMA Allied, LLc. A simple way to return your order is to mark “return to sender” on the package and send the package back to us at no additional charge to you. Please email us at: info@yjv.d47.myftpupload.com and let us know the product will be returning to us so we can start the return process.

If you are returning the order due to a mistake by us or due to a defective product you have received, we will give a complete refund and/or send you a new bottle at no charge.

If you are requesting a refund due to our 30 day money back guarantee, please note that we only refund your money for the product (1) bottle alone, and we do not require you to send the product back. If you purchase a group purchase, such as our buy three, then we need the product sent back to us to receive the refund.

What is Monray Antiperspirant Money Back Guarantee?

If Monray Antiperspirant fails to keep your dry OR you are not satisfied with Monray Antiperspirant, we will refund the purchase of one bottle, minus shipping and handling. Only one refund per customer is allowed. A refund must be requested within the 30 day period for it to be valid. We will need the following information when you email it to: info@yjv.d47.myftpupload.com
Name of Payee, Purchase Date, proof of purchase (online receipt), address and type of payment used. Once we receive the information, we cut a check within 24 hours of receipt of request.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover, American Express and Paypal.


How does Monray Antiperspirant work?

Monray Antiperspirant is a clinical antiperspirant that is used on an “as needed” basis, by applying to the underarm, hand or foot. Application is to be applied at bedtime. This is when Monray Antiperspirant does its work. Monray Antiperspirant will or leave a film or a sticky residue. The next morning you can shower, shave, use a regular deodorant, and go about your day.

How is Monray Antiperspirant applied?

Two types. A roll-on for underarm usage and a spray for the hands and feet.

Can I apply Monray Antiperspirant to other body parts?

Our most frequently asked question is “Can Monray be used on other parts of the body?” The answer is our indication is for perspiration (sweating) so technically yes. However, we do not recommend using on areas of mucosal membranes; such as eyes. We do offer a hand treatment and a foot treatment. We do hear from our customers using it on the head, neck, back, etc., but we cannot support those uses.

What is the main ingredient in Monray Antiperspirant?

Active Ingredient: 15% Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate

Does Monray Antiperspirant have a smell?

No. Our products are unscented.

Will I build up a resistance to Monray Antiperspirant?

We have many customers who have used Monray Antiperspirant for decades without any resistance. If it does, we have never had a customer contact us to say it used to work now it doesn’t.

Why does Monray Antiperspirant have to be applied at bedtime?

Bedtime is when the body is at rest, what this means; sweat glands are less active. This allows the unique properties of Monray Antiperspirant to do their job before you wake.

How does Monray Antiperspirant compare to other clinical strength antiperspirants?

While no specific head to head study has been completed, you are able to compare the labels of all competing products and look at concentrations of active ingredient. This active ingredient is what makes the antiperspirant work. If you compare the labels, you will not find another USA produced product that can beat Monray Antiperspirant for potent active ingredients. Most of our customers have already tried many other products before they find Monray Antiperspirant. They become loyal customers because Monray Antiperspirant works just as it claims to do- prevent excessive sweating day after day, week after week. No prescription is required for our product and Monray Antiperspirant has a extremely low incidence of irritation of the skin like other “clinical strength” products do. There is not another product that can compare to Monray Antiperspirant.

Where can I buy Monray Antiperspirant?

Monray Antiperspirant can be purchased here on our website or can be purchased at Amazon.com or certain private pharmacies located in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Click here to get a complete list.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not.

Can I use a deodorant with Monray Antiperspirant?

Yes you can, but remember deodorants only mask the odor, not sweat.

Will Monray Antiperspirant wash off when I shower or swim?

Monray Antiperspirant will not wash off in the shower or during a swim. You can wash as normal. When you apply Monray Antiperspirant at bedtime, it has hours to form a block in the sweat gland. Your sweat glands are less active at night, allowing the block to form. Once the block is formed, it will not wash off.

Will Monray Antiperspirant irritate my skin?

There is a very low incidence of skin irritation. Based on a placebo controlled study, there was less than 1% discontinuance rate due to skin irritation. Our product does not alcohol, therefore cutting the irritation rate. Monray Antiperspirant has a skin moisturizing property added.

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