Monray Antiperspirant

What a great product. I have been using Monray for one year and it works. No more sweaty feet, athlete’s foot, or stinky feet. Best sweatblock protection. I’m not ashamed anymore.

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Las Vegas, TX

Confident, Dry Feet Throughout the Day!


Excessive foot sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) is annoying and embarrassing. Even when wearing double socks, perspiration continues. It leads to discomfort, foot odor, Athlete’s Foot, and wet cracking skin. Thankfully Monray Foot Antiperspirant provides effective relief from excessive foot sweating. The sweatblock effect is due to being the strongest antiperspirant made in the United States to stop hyperhidrosis. This spray application provides consistent coverage for 24 hours of dry feet. Whether you’re wearing your work boots, your best pumps, your gym shoes, or your casual sandals, you can be confident your sweating won’t put a damper on your day, no matter how high the temperature – or pressure! No smelly feet.


Why Use Monray’s Foot Antiperspirant Spray?

Our feet carry the weight of the world every day, so of course they’re going to sweat. Sweaty feet is a medical condition, no doubt about it. It’s only a problem when you suffer from plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive foot sweating) and have to deal with damp, smelly socks and shoes while growing fungus and athlete’s foot. You can try to combat it on your own by wearing double socks or sweat-absorbing insoles to keep your feet dry. Some people will try medical treatments such as iontophoresis, or even Botox injections for hyperhidrosis! Anything to get relief from their sweaty, smelly feet. Then there’s Monray Antiperspirant Foot Treatment. Monray’s formula is applied at bedtime and provides 24 hours of relief from excessive sweating and odor by blocking the eccrine glands from pumping out sweat. No more double socks or botox injections. No more expensive insoles or foot odor. No more embarrassing trips to the podiatrist. Best of all, no more bracing yourself for the foul smell of stinky feet every time you take your shoes off at the end of the day, because your feet stayed cool, dry, and comfortable all day. When this happens, irritation, blisters, moisture, odor and athlete’s foot all go away.


Trusted for Over 75 Years

Monray has long been recognized and used by generations worldwide. This product is fragrance free, so your antiperspirant never has to compete with your favorite perfume or cologne. It also goes on clear, so there’s no tell-tale residue to worry about. It’s sweatblock properties is consistently effective.


Monray’s Tried and True Formula

Dermatologist know Monray has a proven active ingredient formulation of 15% aluminum chloride in a glycerin and alcohol-free base. Its sweatblock property is unique and effective formula is suitable for all skin types to reduce sweaty feet,. This product is subject to stringent quality and production controls that guarantee satisfaction. Monray Antiperspirant is not made by third party production companies; it is made in-house, in the United States, with no animal testing whatsoever. All Monray products are delivered in a discrete package to honor and protect your privacy, and all come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Applying Monray Foot Antiperspirant

Monray Antiperspirant is easy to use. Foot sweat can be treated and the sweatblock effect is easy to use. For best results, the product is to be applied at bedtime when the sweat glands are least active. Make sure your feet are clean and perfectly dry before application, otherwise the active ingredient in Monray Antiperspirant will react with wet skin. Use the foot spray to apply a consistent coat to the skin. Do not over apply and let dry. Most Monray Antiperspirant users will find they achieve the protection needed within a few applications, however, it may be necessary to continue with nightly applications until the sweating stops. It is important to apply Monray Antiperspirant only to areas of sweaty feet top and bottom. Do not apply to large areas and, most importantly, do not apply to mucous membranes or broken skin. If irratition continues, you may need to talk to your healthcare provider.

Monray Foot Treatment


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