Why Do I Sweat?

Got Sweat?

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is embarrassing. Whether you have sweaty underarms, sweaty hands or sweaty feet, it’s uncomfortable. There’s the sweat patches under your arms, the terrible odor, the awkward palm wiping before gripping someone’s hand… Dark clothing and deodorants can only cover up so much. The answer is to deal with the problem at its source: the overactive sweat glands.

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Got Sweaty Underarms?

Got Sweaty Hands?

Got Sweaty Feet?

Monray Antiperspirant understands the problem.

Sweating is your body’s natural process for controlling your core temperature. When you are hot from our surrounding climate or from strenuous activity, or even from nerves, the hypothalamus tells the sweat glands to release sweat to the surface of the skin. Through evaporative cooling the sweat dries and helps regulate body temperature.

There are two types of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine glands are found all over the body while apocrine glands are only found in certain areas, such as the underarms, eyelids, and groin areas. The eccrine sweat glands push out water with trace amounts of minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Sound familiar? These are the electrolytes that sports drink makers clamor about in their advertisements.

Meanwhile, the apocrine glands push out a substance that’s a mixture of fat, protein, and hormones. Our skin’s natural bacteria love this stuff. They will consume it and soon leave their waste behind…along with a pungent smell. That smell is body odor.

From infancy to the start of puberty we only have to worry about the eccrine sweat glands. During those early years we only have to stay hydrated and wash off dirt, dead skin, and the fine film of minerals left behind by sweat. However, when puberty begins the apocrine glands are activated, and we get our signature body odor.

The human body has over two million sweat glands, mostly located in the underarms, around the head, the soles of your feet, and the palms of your hands. Your body can produce up to 1 1/2 pints (0.7 liters) of sweat a day. In extremely high temperatures or during strenuous physical activity, adults can pump out anywhere from 4 to 8 1/2 pints (2 to 4 liters) of sweat per hour.

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant: What’s the Difference?

Deodorants mask body odor with a pleasant fragrance. Only antiperspirants prevent sweat from forming on your body. Most antiperspirants (like Monray) work by blocking the sweat ducts on the surface of your skin. When you prevent sweat from forming, it cannot come into contact with the natural bacteria on your skin. No sweat from your eccrine glands means no damp skin or clothes. No sweat from your apocrine glands means no feast for your skin’s bacteria, which means reduced body odor.

I want to thank you for your product! I am a senior in high school and was starting to stay away from all the school activities I love due to my underarm sweating. I think I have tried everything “known to man”, and when my aunt told me about Monray Antiperspirant, I knew it would not work either. I figured I had nothing to loose, so I gave this product a try. MAN, was I surprised. After two applications, my underarm sweating started to go away. I now have dry underarms and now I have tried their hand treatment and what a difference this product has made to my life. I can take a test, and my hands are completely dry. I don’t know what you put in this product, but it should be in the water. Thank you for a product that does what it claims to do.

Marianne, from California

Stop Excessive Sweating

Stop the embarassment of excessive sweating and take back your confidence.

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