Stop Teen Sweating

Reduce Body Odor and Feel More Confident

Stop Excessive Teen Sweating with Monray Antiperspirant

You’re a teenager now. Your body is doing weird things that make you feel gross. You can’t control much of it, but you can control the excessive sweating from your underarms, hands, and feet.

By now you’ve tried every “clinical strength” antiperspirant available over the counter and searched the Internet for “all natural” remedies. You’ve spoken with your doctor and tried their suggestions. You’ve stopped wearing tight, light-colored clothing that shows off your sweat stains and damp skin. You keep your hands in your pockets so you can discreetly wipe your palms before you high-five your friends. You’ve bought the thickest socks you can find to soak up the sweat from your feet and save your shoes from foul foot odor. All this, and your sweat is still making life miserable, making you look gross and smell even worse.

Before you throw out all your favorite shirts and buy more socks, or even consider surgery, give Monray Antiperspirant a try. Apply it at night to cool, clean, dry skin and by morning you’ll notice a huge difference in how you feel. Your body odor will be reduced significantly and your confidence will soar!

With regular use Monray Antiperspirant has been shown to give you up to 8 days of relief from excessive sweating.1 It’s fragrance-free, leaves no residue, and is formulated to reduce skin irritation. So you can go back to wearing your favorite t-shirts. Save your shoes from smells. High-five all of your friends. Do it all with the confidence you’ll gain from using Monray Antiperspirant.


Why We Sweat (And Why Sweat Smells Bad)

Sweat is the body’s natural reaction to heat and stress. When your body gets too hot from heat or anxiety, sweat is pushed out to the surface of your skin. As it dries your body cools.

Your body has two kinds of sweat glands: eccrine and apocrine. The eccrine sweat glands are spread all over your body. They push out water mixed with trace amounts of minerals. The apocrine sweat glands are only found in certain areas, such as your underarms. These glands push out a substance full of fats, protein, and hormones. This substance attracts bacteria, who feast on it and immediately defecate it back onto your skin. This creates an odor that, depending on a variety of factors such as diet, stress levels, medications, and medical disorders, can range from kinda smelly to overwhelmingly foul.

Deodorants will mask the odor created by sweat and bacteria. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, form a plug in the sweat glands, thus preventing them from pumping out sweat. As the skin naturally sheds the plug will be shed as well. Monray Antiperspirant has been proven to stick around for up to 8 days, keeping you dry and free from embarrassing body odors.1

Advantages of Monray Antiperspirant for Teen Perspiration

  • Easy to apply with no mess or fragrance
  • No more sweat stains and damp shirts
  • Safe and soothing formula protects against irritated skin
  • Up to 8 days of relief with one application1
  • No doctor visits or prescriptions necessary
  • Stay dry when it matters the most
  • Get back your confidence!

How to Use Monray Antiperspirant to Relieve Excessive Teen Sweating

Monray Antiperspirant works best when applied at bedtime to dry skin. The product is a liquid formula that comes in a convenient roll-on application for underarms and a spray for hands and feet. The formula protects against skin irritation and is fragrance-free, so it won’t overwhelm your nose or conflict with your favorite scent.

Monray Antiperspirant works best when applied before bedtime, since your sweat glands are least active when you’re asleep. Clean and dry your skin thoroughly, and apply the product to the affected areas. Allow it to dry and go to bed. By the next morning Monray Antiperspirant will have done its job by forming a plug in your sweat glands. You’ll stay cool and dry all day, with up to 8 days of consistent protection.1

Go back to wearing your favorite clothes and shoes. Ditch the thick sweat-abosrbing socks. Shake hands and high-five your friends with confidence. Raise your arms in victory knowing you’re protected from excessive sweating with Monray Antiperspirant!

Get Your Confidence Back


1. Taylor M. et al. One year efficacy and tolerability of Monray Antiperspirant double blind, placebo controlled study. n-=100. 2001

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